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New Studio Space!

February 21, 2008 Leave a comment

Shortly after we moved here to the city we met this guy named Ralph. The first time we met, he had us laughing our butts off!! Somehow he found a good deal on a big loft that is being converted into studio space, and since he knows I’m in need of a place to shoot he is giving me keys and 100% full 24/7 access, so basically the studio is also mine! My contribution to the studio is to help teach about photography and be involved in making the place successful!!! Also I am making the website for the loft.  I will also rent my equipment to other photographers for their shoots, just hoping this plan is successful and not a disaster!  And we will probably be doing workshops if we get interest.

UPDATE: Here is a photo of what the new studio looks like, it’s 100% bare empty with the exception of my lights and backdrops + a couch bed that Ralph and I had to carry up 3 steep flights of stairs. Never doing that again!!!

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New Blog!

January 1, 2008 Leave a comment

Welcome to the new blog for EvolveNY!! This is my first blog post, I’m hoping I can find some free time in the daily grind to keep the blog updated with new information as it comes! I am working out a deal with a large web design company and hopefully I can get a good deal on a great website to go along with my cool new blog! My girlfriend Jenna and I just moved here to Philadelphia only a few months ago, she is from Ohio and surprisingly we met on Craigslist… Already I know what you are thinking… No we didn’t meet from the personals ads, we were both looking for roommates and a place to live in Philadelphia. So here we are in this new city!!